Deadly choices for Moreton Bay (QLD)

Jurisdiction: Queensland

How can we support the development of social and cultural outcomes across the Moreton Bay Region?

Using Open Data from a variety of sources, help us create social and cultural opportunities for our residents, including our First Nations people. Ideas and examples could include ready supply of fresh fruit and vegetables for socio-economic disadvantaged groups, through to art trails through to professional development and skills building. All ideas welcome, and remember to focus on our region!

This is one of three Moreton Bay specific challenges put together by a consortium of business, education and government organisations, all passionate about our local region. We will have a group of USC Moreton Bay students participating on campus at Petrie Mill alongside local innovators, and we encourage you to join with them in putting a spotlight on our region.

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Eligibility: Open to everyone, preference will be given to those providing solutions using at least one local Moreton Bay data set.

Entry: Challenge entry is available to all teams in Australia.

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