Engaging with SmartView-Go: Encouraging interaction between citizens and their city

Jurisdiction: New Zealand

The city council wants to encourage higher interaction between citizens of how people feel about the city, share education on their constraints on resources, and provide a platform to reward citizen action.

The council has limited resources and wants to spend money and time on larger projects, so how do we reward a citizen taking the initiative on reporting and solving smaller city issues?

The goal is to allow the Christchurch City Council to engage with the public by using an outdoor smartphone app (for example think about how games such as Pokemon-Go, Ingress Prime or others encourage people to go outside).

The council wants to encourage “Active Citizenship”, encouraging the public to identify and report any issues, as well as encouraging citizens to take action on them. The council has limited resources and wants to spend money and time on larger projects, so how do we reward a citizen taking the initiative on smaller reported city issues? For example:

• Cleaning up graffiti
• Removing doggy doo on the footpath
• Picking up rubbish in parks

The council might want to communicate to the public about projects they are undertaking and ask for the public opinion and satisfaction. For example:

• "You are using a new bike path, how do you like it?"
• "You pass by a smart rubbish bin which is part of the smart city development and read about the project."
• "This tree is an apple tree, come back around May to collect apples."

This challenge is about creativity and developing the engagement of the council and citizens via a fun app so description and example above are only for inspiration. You can make a difference!

Build our your ideas for a smartphone app that encourages interaction between citizens and their city and encourages citizen action.

Additional Information:

Below are examples of how you might wish to approach this challenge. Please use this as an example only and not as guidance.

For example:

ONE - Provide an application that will allow a citizen to report a new issue

a. Added feature to look for reported issues around me, take assignment, allow a photo to be capture before and after, and submit the resolution
b. Added feature to show a citizen their current points level and list of their achievements
c. Allow a feature to share these achievements on social media
d. Display what they can use the points for: rewards list

TWO - Add SnapSendSolve data for Graffiti information issues within the search function

THREE - Provide a feature to read and add a comment on a council area of interest

a. Smart rubbish location, Bike paths, CCC project location, Fruit trees, Drinking fountain, Street Art

Eligibility: One or more team members must be able to attend and present at the Te Pae Technology Expo in Oct 2021(at their own expense).

Entry: Challenge entry is available to all teams in New Zealand.

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