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Friday (20th August)

   6.30pm AEST Australian National Livestream begins 

   7.00pm AEST Competition begins, national challenges announced

   7.05 PM AEST Local/ Regional challenges announced


Saturday (21st August)

   9.50am AEST Mentor Q&A zoom session. Zoom room opens for mentors and participants

   10.am AEST Zoom discussion- Meet the Mentors

   12.00pm AEST Recommended challenge lock in time 

   7.00pm AEST GovHack Trivia Night


Sunday (22nd August)

   12.00pm AEST Recommended video underway time 

   4.00pm AEST Recommended video and project upload time 

   5.00pm AEST Project submission deadline

YouTube links for National Livestreams during  the Competition Weekend:

  • National Opening Ceremony Livestream at 6:30pm AEST Friday 20 August (to be presented through Zoom OR Physically): https://youtu.be/hkKRoXuHwhc
  • Trivia Event at 7pm AEST 21 August Saturday: https://youtu.be/PLZeEviRKr4
  • Competition Tools Down at 5pm AEST 22 August Sunday: https://youtu.be/QSMVmAYM0Yk

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