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Joseph , Alex , Shayleigh , roarke

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BrisLympics is an app to help spectators of the 2032 Olympics navigate their stay and travels between the Olympic stadiums, including areas/roads expected to be in high traffic specific to the games and hotels in the area ranked in regards to price: quality. There will also be highlighted shuttle bus routes set out to transport athletes and media professionals from one event to another safely and efficiently taking into consideration the traffic identified by the traffic census so they can make educated decisions on when to leave for any additional leisure time. The app will also offer comprehensive tracking of event times and locations, event results, and the progress of selected athletes to keep you up to date with the progress of the games so you don't miss your favorite events. You can input the events you want to see and how long you're staying to help select hotels to choose from for your stay. Evidence of work/ analysis is in the dropbox folder linked

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Data Story

The data used were the most recent traffic census XML data from Queensland data, analyzed in google earth for widespread visual representation, as well as the latest traffic census data in CSV format used to reference for more built-up areas to be identified and added (manually, for now). In the future, this could be improved by including real-time traffic data, however, the census provides excellent information for informed decision-making before booking and planning your stay. Another dataset was used containing the locations of the planned Olympic stadiums to identify the areas that are most likely to be particularly difficult to navigate during the events. Location data was gathered from general data searching to identify some real hotel locations near the identified arenas to give an example of where visitors hoping to stay and watch the games, graded in regards to how expensive the accommodation is to how nice the rooms are.

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Team DataSets

2020 Traffic Census

Description of Use Used to suppliment finer updated detail of traffic

Data Set

Olympics 2032

Description of Use Used to locate hotspots for traffic and tell users how to move between locations

Data Set

Traffic Census

Description of Use Highlighting major traffic spots around the Olympic arenas (potential)

Data Set

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Brisbane Olympics

Queensland will host the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane. Using Queensland open data, what can we do now to help the state prepare?

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