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Circular economy for Tasmania

#circular economy tasmania

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The Tasmanian economic indicators demonstrate the types of industries that make up the Tasmanian economy. Agriculture and tourism both play a large role. Manufacturing plays a role in parts of Tasmania, and there has been many studies to look at how Tasmania could utilise the opportunities of industry 4.0 to diversify. The circular economy presents a number of different opportunities for Tasmania to invest in new skills in this sector. Waste, particularly from texiles could be reused by both exisiting and new entrants to the Tasmanian economy. For example, if there was a way to connect recycled or waste merino textiles, could we collaborate with Tasmania's only wool mill, Waverley, and provide a new and cheaper source of fibre? Our solution is focused on using Artificial intelligence to seperate waste textile streams to allow for categorisation of this waste in to appropriate classes for use by new and exisiting industries.

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export markets

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Treasury data

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Manufacturing in Tasmania

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Tasmanian waste data

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