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Team ARC

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Emma , Jy , Yong , Jun , Dawin , Lite

Project Description

COtree is a unified platform that rewards users based on their carbon emission reduction to encourage the use of eco-friendly and sustainable transport.

Problems we found

  • New Zealand ranked sixth on carbon dioxide equivalent per capita in 2018 (Ministry for the Environment, 2021)
  • 47% of the total CO2 emissions are produced by transport (Stats NZ)
  • In March 2021, more than 4.4 million vehicles were registered in New Zealand, which is 89.5% of New Zealand’s population (Statista, 2021)
  • Only 43% of New Zealand businesses have an online presence

We can solve the problems by

  • Rewarding users with virtual currency for reducing their carbon footprints
  • Offering users to utilise the virtual currency to grow their own virtual gardens
  • Offering an educational yet recreational app that users can learn about CO2 emissions and build awareness
  • Providing users to engage with their local communities by accumulating points within their communities
  • Planting trees in communities based on the virtual currency
  • Promoting local businesses that have sustainability certifications from ‘Ekos’ to encourage businesses to be sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Enabling businesses to use virtual currency to take the burden off of them paying the carbon tax

Features of our app

  • Enter destination - shows different levels of CO2 emissions for different transport types Connecting and recommending different transport providers (e.g. AT Hop, Metro city, Uber, Beam)
  • Virtual garden that individuals can create by using their points
  • Showing individual’s trip history by displaying all the trips you made
  • Showing the total points that users have accumulated based onCO2 emissions that users have reduced

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Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

Greenhouse gas emissions (industry and household)

Description of Use Being able to notice the difference in the gas emissions and to be able to notice the positive impact made on the app

Data Set

Right Car

Description of Use Finding the efficiency of the car that you drive

Data Set

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