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We set out to build a tool to ease the visualisation of data relating to motor vehicle accidents within Queensland and to show how legislative changes, public safety campaigns, modern road design and newer vehicles have contributed to lower crash severities.

Our tool is accessible at As a two-person team, we weren't able to fulfill all of our objectives. However, the tool is still functional.

Clicking 'apply' will load the 1000 most severe crashes in the area you are looking at, and generate a heatmap that shows crash severity and abundance. Crash severity is calculated using the number of fatalities, hospitalisations and injuries sustained in a crash.

Filters in the left panel (expanded by clicking on them) can be used to only show some crashes - such as those that occurred between 2001-2011 on unsealed roads at night.

A major feature that was originally planned, but also dropped due to time constraints, was to show the heatmap with respect to the amount of traffic passing through it. It is natural that there will be more crashes on wherever there are more cars, so showing accidents per capita would make it easier to see where faulty road designs or prevailing factors cause high crash or fatality rates.

For government use, this tool would be valuable assisting decisions in future road design decisions, especially when used to compare how legislative or road design changes have affected our safety on the roads. With the filters on unpaved roads and using traffic census data, it could also for example be used to plan what roads should be prioritised for surfacing.

For use in the general public, this could be used for avoiding high-use or dangerous roads on commutes, making informed decisions before buying a new property, and similar.

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This data shows how crash severity, and in last years the amount of crashes decreased.

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Road crash locations

Description of Use Used to map where crashes occurred

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Traffic census for the Queensland state-declared road network

Description of Use Used for calculating per-capita crash rates

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