Education and information on road safety

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Gabe , Andrew , Kurt , Steve , Rebecca

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Analysing and comparing historic and current crash data to determine causes. Creating a system to target key demographics through education and availability of information. Develop and implement an app called collision course, where drivers can share and collect information with the intention of minimizing crashes.

#roadsafety #roadeducation #transport #safedriving #collisioncontrolapp

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Number of cellular subscriptions in australia

Description of Use correlating mobile usage to amount of casualties

Data Set

Factors in Road Crashes

Description of Use Factors that cause road accidents

Data Set

Road Casualties

Description of Use Road Casualties from 2012 to 2020, road casualties vs age (2012 to 2020).

Data Set

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Road Safety

What can we do to minimise the number of road crashes on Queensland roads?

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