El Camino - Explore Occupations without Preconceived Notions!

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Presenting Project El Camino from team JesseWeMustCode!

VIDEO : https://youtu.be/zG1KaEbFiwU
DEMO PAGE : http://verifour.com

-> People often have a preconceived notion of the jobs they're supposed to have.
The job landscape is so vast, that people either get lost in their career choice, or stick with what they know and never consider other possibilities.

-> Project El Camino seeks to change that.

-> When you first land on the page, you will be asked to enter 10 core competency numbers, such as reading, writing, digital and problem solving skills etc.

-> Then, using simple heuristics, we present you jobs that might suit you, based on core competency numbers. This is calculated from the australian skills classification dataset, which has core competency levels for every job.

-> It feels just like a character creation skill from role playing video games!

-> We'll tell you how likely the job would match you, but you also see it in the core competency overlap graph that shows with every occupation listing. It's very interesting seeing the occupations visualized into shapes.

-> Engineering jobs have a certain shape to it, whereas managerial jobs have a different feel.

-> You can favorite jobs, and explore jobs which are similar to them. We combined data from the skills classification dataset and data from joboutlook.gov.au to create an original job similarity graph.

-> Originally we were going to show it as a network graph like this, but instead, we just list them and show the % similarity. This feels a lot more useful than a graph.

-> Did you know that travel attendants have relatively high skill overlap with police officers?
-> And survey interviewers with debt collectors / taxation accountants?
-> Bank workers could easily become outdoor adventure guides if they feel like a career change, or maybe become a real estate agent!

-> This tool is also very useful for helping youth employment, where jobseekers are less likely to have a job to anchor themselves on. However, everybody has core competencies, and after entering numbers they'd be able to find their ideal job much easier.

-> In fact, we have a special mode for young jobseekers which will filter out very high skill level jobs, perfect for young jobseekers. Additional filters could be added in the future to better suit young jobseekers after feedback.

-> We also link to other resources where jobseekers can find training to upskill, perfect for those starting out in a blank slate!

-> This site also has the potential to become a data collection source, where users' job preferences could be used to refine the australian skills core competency dataset.

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Data Story

We used the Australian Skills Dataset, combined with job outlook data to create a career map which is of GREAT interest to anyone in the job market, but especially youths who are starting with a blank slate. They don't know what job they want but they know their core competencies!

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Job Outlook by DESE

Description of Use We used their data to augment results and compare skills between different occupations, leading to insights NEVER seen before!!!! (that is an exaggeration, but we feel like it's pretty cool)

Data Set

National Skills Dataset

Description of Use This formed the basis of our solution

Data Set

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