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Group 2 USC

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Mitch , Oscar and 2 other members with unpublished profiles.

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The design problem is what can be done to decrease crashes on Queensland
roads. Ideas from reducing speeding, road condition, Road design and vehicle condition was brainstormed. The group decided that defected vehicles pose a serious threat to road users and from this our group came up with a solution. Our solution will be focused on reducing the about of defective cars on our roads. This will be done by introducing inspections and a new government website to follow how many defective cars are on the road. This will give the government the ability to understand which areas has the most defective vehicles which possibly put more pressure on current infrastructure. Having this data for master planning purposes is imperative to make better decisions when it comes to budget spending. The public will have the ability to see when a vehicle for sale has had inspections and if a inspection was ever failed. Notifications will also be sent to asset owners when an inspection is needed therefore reducing the chance for a vehicle to become defective and reducing crashes on Queensland Roads.

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Data Story

The data has been analysed to sort personal vehicles from the following data sets:
- Vehicle registrations
- Results for programmed vehicle inspections
- Factors in road crashes
- Road location and traffic data_20200129
- Traffic infringements issued by type-QPS district and region
- And Lead/wait times for programmed vehicle inspections
In order to build a program where the Government can analysis the risks and condition of the private motor vehicles using their infrastructure.

By correlating these data sets we are able to build a program that will allow the Government to track condition and keep cars that may not be compliant an update with the work needed in order to keep the vehicle safe on the roads.

This was done to also help the public when planning maintenance, servicing, rego and the yearly inspection. As if the car needed a higher level inspection the Customer would need to plan for a higher maintenance cost on that vehicle for the year.

Another use of the data set would be that buyers would be able to see an online service history, defect history, inspection history and the renewal forecasted on the car before buying. This would be an excellent tool to gauge whether a vehicle is suitable for your purchase.

This Program will also allow to forecast future needs for the vehicle market. As they will know when the population of cars are getting too unfit for use and when the demand for cars will go up. Allowing the Government future planning time to structure the importing of excess vehicles.

The data selected allows the privacy of owners and the ability to have your information hidden until the point of selling or liquidating the Car.

These data sets were selected, as the base program can be formed from the selected data and it has the ability to obtain more data however this is not 100% relevant to the main use of the program and would be used as a byproduct. The data need to from the base program from our works will be rego, defect history, service history and VIN. All other sets just are used in supporting data for the program to run more efficiently.

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Team DataSets

Road location and traffic data

Data Set

Lead/ wait time for programmed vehicle inspections

Data Set

Traffic Infringements Issued

Data Set

Results of Programmed Vehicle Inspections

Data Set

Factors in Road Crashes

Data Set

Vehicle Registrations

Data Set

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Road Safety

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