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GovTrust is a portal built on allowing users to take back control of their own data and so people can ensure they know what is happening with their data, we also want to shine an insight on what data is being collected on them and potentially (if possible) allowing the user to opt-out or anonymise the data that is being collected against them.

We live in a time where data is collected about us 24/7 and there is nothing to allow people to control that, sure, you can cover your webcam and turn off the Mics, but there are so many things that people and their devices collect on them that they are completely unaware about, and that is what we want to change.

Unfortunately in the Video I wasn't able to go as complex as I wanted to originally, unfortunately this was my secondary solo project so I didn't get to spend as much time on it as I wanted (12:00pmish to 4:00pm) - less then 4 hours, however I will attempt to explain my concept in more detail then what was visually displayed.

The original idea was to create a one-stop portal for everything to do with your personal data, while also being able to teach and explain more data security terms and such to the average person, I will explain some specific features that I would want to add into the portal if it became a functional product.

  • Automated Data Scanning - (This can search the internet and other platforms for personal information related to the person that they might not know about, and display it in an easy to understand form and display options on what they can do to manage the information stored, shal it be deletion, etc.)
  • Data Anonymising Options - (This can mean the data collected could be partially destroyed, more-so detached from the person, the data still exists, but it is no-longer tied to the individual, this would be a popular feature among privacy focussed individuals.)
  • Options for data upon passing - (This gives the user a choice for what they want done with their personal data, etc, once they pass.)
  • Much More which didnt make it into this due to time. (writing at 4:09pm - 21 minutes before deadline)

Creating a whole system based around managing your own personal data can actually be difficult, this is because certain companies and governments, etc may try to keep certain data hidden from the end user, however we can hope that companies may on-board to this program and make it easier for the end users to manage their own data that is stored by these companies and organizations.

#data #trust #community #portal

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