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Izzy , Christian

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InteractiveSydney | Experience Sydney in it’s most beautiful form, using Open Data provided by the New South Wales government.

To make more places active, we can make them more active using InteractiveSydney.

We aim to make completely static, and boring fixtures in cities fun and interactive all from your mobile phone. From just a digital photo wall, to playing Tetris on a 300 foot display, there can be anything within InteractiveSydney.

There's been so many technical blunders along the way but I think in the end this will be a good project. Thanks' GovHack :)

#interacvtive #sydney #adelaide #websockets #ios #swift #kotlin #xamarin

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Description of Use Used to map some objects in the map (in-app), unfortunately this could not be displayed in the video but in a future revision this will be added and better displayed.

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What makes a public space vibrant, walkable, and encourages people to dwell longer at different times of the day or night, and throughout the year?

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