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Project Internet Of Ag (IoA)

Our project aims to use data from publicly available IoT devices, such as air quality, humidity and temperature sensors from different regions in QLD; with a particular focus on Moreton Bay, since they've got established IoT infrastructure. This project combines these near-real time data sources with open data about crop yield sales, weather predictions, water availability and bush fire probability. These data driven insights enable farmers to make informed decisions about when to harvest their crops, and what kind of crops should be grown to maximise profits, and reduce product waste.

There three parts to the project:
- The data and the sensors
- Backend to process all the data
- An app and web interface for the user to use to recieve predictions and monitor their farms.

Sensors and Data

The Moreton Bay regional Council has provided a wide range of IoT devices that are fitted with sensors ranging from light sensors, to humidity and temperature sensors. Furthermore, the Queensland Government has a collection of IoT devices that provide air quality data all over the state.

Adding to the near realtime data of IoT devices, government organizations like the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries QLD, provide insights into agribusiness by providing data sets that look at consumer trends and money spent on produce in certain regions. There are also tool kits like Spark from CSIRO and data APIs from BOM which can help with predicting and monitoring bushfire and other weather events like cyclones and heat waves.


The backend of the app runs on a cloud service like Microsoft's Azure. It will analyse data from the IoT devices using their APIs and combine it with information provided by the user, and the open data sets. Using all this information, the system will make recommendations to the user.

App and web interface

The mobile app acts as the front end for all the IoT and weather related data. This way the user can check the status of their farms while on the field.

The web interface provides the user with insights to their agribusiness, while using popularity data from open data sets to suggest what to produce to be more sustainable and profitable.

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Data Story

An app for viewing the best strategy for your farm; using IoT networks across your region in conjunction with open data about the weather, and environment. Displaying customised information by crop type, for optimal production, and warnings for probable adverse weather, and environmental conditions. A solution designed for the field; presenting data smarter, faster, and cleaner.

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Team DataSets

Food demand in Australia: trends and issues 2018

Description of Use Can be used to identify demands for different kinds of produce and fill up supply gaps where necessary

Data Set

Agricultural exports

Description of Use Used to provide insights on export demand and profitability of certain commodities

Data Set

Our regions

Description of Use Used to provide insights on supply, demand and profitability of certain commodities

Data Set

Queensland AgTrends

Description of Use Used to provide insights on demand and supply, and consumer niches

Data Set

Moreton Bay IOT Devices

Description of Use Used to collect various types of data like temperature, air quality and humidity around the Moreton Bay region to make suggestions about crops management

Data Set

Land Management and Farming in Australia

Description of Use Gives insight into how agricultural land is currently being managed, which can be used to give suggestions on being more sustainable

Data Set

Water Use on Australian Farms

Description of Use Can be used to give the back-end more information about how much water each commodity uses to calculate potential cost or producing it

Data Set

Value of Agricultural Commodities Produced, Australia

Description of Use Can be used to suggest crops that will be more profitable

Data Set

Air Quality Monitoring

Description of Use Used to suggest crops that are suitable for a given measure of air quality in a region

Data Set

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