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Sai Valipireddy , Amit , Shub and 1 other member with an unpublished profile.

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The National Skills Commission developed the Australian Skills Classification Tool for citizens that outlines the various occupation profiles and their core competencies along with the skill sets required by an occupation (Show
Since the beta launch, several industry leaders have utilized this tool and the commission is now rolling it out to the wider public.
This is Shub, Mahek, Amit, Dhruva and we are Team SMAD, and our solution Jedify aims to provide an interactive and easy-to-use interface that can be utilized by citizens of various skills and abilities to find their pathway to their career of choice.
We used the Australian Skills Commissions data set to create Jedify. (data set related image)
Be it job seekers looking for their first job, experienced people looking for a career switch, or for people who want to know what occupation fits their skill sets, Jedify does the heavy loading and simplifies the user’s experience to navigate through a huge list of options available in the job market.

For example, Steve is a graduate looking for an entry into the job market. In order to understand the skill set required for entry into his desired occupation, Steve can log on to the Jedify app and click on the job seeker.
This navigates Steve to a page where he can input his desired occupation, which for Steve happens to be an Architectural draftsperson.
On selection, Jedify will provide detailing about the Core competencies,
Day-to-Day skills and commonly used technology tools for Architectural draftsperson role.
Jedify also provides links to job sites using which Steve can assess the demand in the market for his occupation of choice.
Steve can also export information of the listed detailing to Excel for later use.
Fast forward a few years, Steve with years of experience as an Architectural draftsperson is looking for a career transition and he would like to understand the possible pathways for him to do a career switch.
The job transition page in Jedify provides exactly the info Steve is after.
On selection of his current occupation, Jedify lists out top occupations with matching skill set to Architectural draftsperson. From the list available, the role of an architect attracts Steve’s interest. So he inputs the desired occupation as Architect.
Jedify will instantly provide him with a comparison of Core competencies, skills used, transferable skills as well as technology tools used in the selected occupations,
which helps Steve compare and Identify the skill gap as well as understand the transferable skills from his previous occupation.
Jedify also provides links to job sites using which Steve can assess the demand for his desired occupation.

In Summary:
Jedify is a tool that can help users:
1.Identify the skill sets required for an occupation, making it easy for young Australians to choose their career.
2.Understand the transferrable skills to help make a career switch.
3.Provide them links to job websites to give them an idea of the job market for their occupation of choice.

Data Story

For creating Jedify(pathway to your dream job), we have made use of the "Australian Skills Classification Dataset" provided as part of the challenge (Exploring the National Skills Commission’s Australian Skills Classification). The data from the dataset provided was imported into Power BI and required relationships between the tables were done - to provide the capability of comparison of skills and identify Transferable skill set counts, etc. We have used the PowerBI reporting tool to create the interface required for Jedify. And the visuals shown as part of the demo are all created using the mentioned reporting tool.

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Australian Skills Classification Dataset

Description of Use We utilised this dataset to power our solution, JEDIfy

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