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GC Hackers

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Narayana Aditya Madineni , Siddhartha Ampolu , Rama Krishna and 1 other member with an unpublished profile.

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Hosting major events like Olympics involve multiple challenges that need extensive planning and risk mitigation strategies.

We have identified 6 major categories based on learning of the past Olympics events

Use IOT, Edge AI, & digital twin technologies to Plan, Simulate and Modernize the infrastructure like roads , transportation, stadiums in conjunction with location-based constraints

Event Experience management using Edge AI, Image processing and IOT
On-demand transport planning.
Crowd discovery & management.


Extend from existing network cameras by attaching IOT devices to all government vehicles such as cars, garbage trucks, pickup cars etc.

Planning and simulation using Digital Twins

Enable the Design engineers and planners to be able to simulate the precincts and run what if scenarios like
Disaster management emergency exits ,
Mass transportation corridors, and
Visualization of infra

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