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Jono Cooper , Emelia , Josie

Project Description allows you to enter your journey to automatically find the best public transport, driving, and active travel options for your trip. You can see how each trip stacks up in terms of time, cost, and carbon emissions. There are customisation options to allow citizens to travel across the city in the most sustainable way which suits their needs and journey. For example, whether they are travelling off-peak with 3 people or if they are a fast walker. These options will be updated in real time, and help people make a conscious decision.

Future updates planned include:
Having a personal profile with goals, weekly, monthly and annual progress towards net zero carbon emissions
Daily log in incentives with free trees if you log in for a week
Personalised tree details around what you have planted
Social features to compete with friends and track progress
Collective impact features based around New Zealand’s climate change goals e.g. working together to reduce/offset carbon emissions
Tips, tricks and encouragements to help you continue on reducing your carbon footprint journey
More options for offsetting carbon emissions including everyday life, home chores and dietary options.

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Data Story

Trying to minimise your carbon footprint can be confusing. Even for a simple decision like how best to get from A to B. Which route do you take? Which mode of transport? Using what type of vehicle? Running on which fuel? All of these factors influence not only the carbon footprint of your journey, but also the associated cost and time.

Our goal was to use the available data to help take the guess work out for users:

We started with the Auckland Transport APIs to generate routes options between destinations for walking, biking, driving, and public transport. From the routes we determined the distance for each.
The Carbon Footprint Travel Modes data sourced from OurWorldInData gave us a core set of vehicle types, with their average CO2 emissions per km.

We also wanted to estimate to cost of travel for the user. The Auckland Transport API provided this for public transport, but to estimate this for private transport we needed an indication of the amount of fuel used per km first. The RightCar site gave us conversion factors for translating CO2 emissions back into literage for petrol and diesel. And the EV Running Cost Calculator allowed us to do similar for electric and hybrid vehicles. Translating fuel volume into cost is currently using default costs per fuel type. However, a future feature would be to link the price of petrol and diesel to the site.

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Team DataSets

NZ CO2 emissions

Description of Use Used for a benchmark of the average annual per capita CO2 emissions for transport in NZ

Data Set

Carbon Footprint Travel Modes

Description of Use Used as the core dataset for our CO2 emissions calculations.

Data Set

Pricewatch - fuel costs

Description of Use Used for rough petrol and diesel costs. Future: Having the fuel costs update dynamically based on this site would be a potential future feature.

Data Set

EV Running Cost Calculations

Description of Use Used the 'Electricity consumption kWh/100 km' of 22.81 as the default for fully electric cars. Incorporated the 'effective charging loss' rates into calcs. Used the listed Electricity price $/kWh as default costs for electric and hybrid vehicle electricity use.

Data Set

Description of Use Co2/kWh in North Island NZ (as at 21st Aug 21) was used for kWh to Co2 calcs. UK Co2/kWh rate was also confirmed as comparable to NZ rates as base data set used for vehicle emission rates was UK based. Future: Allowing users to import emission/fuel efficiency specs for their specific car would be a potential future feature.

Data Set

Description of Use Used for conversions between Co2 emissions and fuel litres per km. Wider site: kWh/km and L/km for plug in hybrid cars estimated from individual car listings on the site Future: Dynamically updating CO2/kWh rates based on this site would be a potential future feature

Data Set

Mapbox & OpenStreetMap

Description of Use Map to render routes upon

Data Set

Auckland Transport APIs

Description of Use Public Transport, Walking, Cycling, and Driving Directions

Data Set

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Being More Sustainable: Travelling using the most sustainable route

We all know the effect on climate change from CO2 emissions. How can we translate this into tangible action made by a citizen, that they know is making a collective impact?

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