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The Blue Dot

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Claire Daniel , Rosie

Project Description

This mobile game uses the latest and greatest in Augmented Reality, Geolocation and AI technology to design a treasure hunt in your local area – tailored just for you!

Created with extensive user research, the game makes broad use of open government data build up a huge database of special locations to explore. Explorers then specify a preferred mode of exploitation (walk, run or bike), a timeframe their adventure and a theme (nature, heritage, fitness equipment). The routing algorithm will then work its magic, creating a unique adventure to explore the surrounding area! Explorers will be given map-based challenges and clues and earn points for reaching each destination and answering questions along the way. Integrated into the game will be fun facts and information about the surrounding area including fun facts and ABS population statistics.

Explorers can also join the community, adding points of interest, challenge questions and fun information. During the game explorers will generate feedback about each location, improving the algorithm and experience for all!

This feedback will also be collated and accessible through the government portal building a detailed picture of how people experience the world around them. This will help the government to make better decisions around public policy and investment in public places!

#public space #geoplocation #augmented reality #game #community feedback

Data Story

This game draws extensively on open government data to build a huge database of special locations for people to explore. It also draws on the ABS API and community generated information to serve explorers fun facts about their local area. Datasets include:

  • Heritage places (NSW Government)
  • Green Assets (NSW Goverbment)
  • Points of interest (NSW Government)
  • ABS Population statistics API (NSW Government)
  • Open Street Map

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

Open Street Map

Description of Use Open street map data is fed into the special locations database so the algorithm can identify additional places for people to explore.

Data Set

Existing Green Assets

Description of Use Green assets are one of the key locations for adventurers to explore.

Data Set

NSW Foundation Spatial Data Framework - Elevation and Depth - Digital Elevation Model

Description of Use This dataset helps the routing algorithm identify locations with nice views.

Data Set


Description of Use The ABS API provides fun facts and figures as people explore the area around them.

Data Set

NSW Heritage

Description of Use Special locations database - Heritage places are popular locations for people to visit on their adventures

Data Set

NSW Points of Interest (POI)

Description of Use The app draws on locations tailored to users preferences (buildings, parks etc)

Data Set

Challenge Entries

ACTIVATED Public Spaces

What makes a public space vibrant, walkable, and encourages people to dwell longer at different times of the day or night, and throughout the year?

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How do we build confidence in the community to use public spaces to support economic, social, cultural and environmental recovery, whether in response to Covid-19, or other disasters such as recent bushfires and floods?

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Create a solution to a customer need using the ABS Data API

We are excited to provide innovators with machine to machine access to ABS Data and see what exciting customer solutions can be created. Here is a chance to draw in ABS Data and answer an important question through visualisation, mapping or even blending with other data sources. Create a solution to a customer need using data drawn from the ABS Data API.

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