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Jenelle , Ray , Shravan , CHONG and 5 other members with unpublished profiles.

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There are a lot of popular places to visit all around NSW, but it’s sad that many amazing public places, especially in regional NSW, are hidden gems that do not get the exposure they deserve. Exploroo is an app that empowers people to explore these areas, discover, and get rewarded while supporting local businesses.

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Data Story

Exploroo uses three data sets. We are extracting insights from two of these datasets (NSW time series and national recovery) to form a ranking of council areas by quantitative measures such as socioeconomic index rating and population density. Integrating this with the ranking of use of different types of public places from the NSW Shared Spaces Engagement Report allows us to first zone in on a council area that needs help, and then promote public places which haven’t been used as frequently by the public. These datasets are linked to the open-source Google geolocation APIs to search for these places, and calculates how far away they are for the user.

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Team DataSets

Google Maps Platform

Description of Use Allows geolocation of user, calculation of distance from user to destination, and provision of dataset of places that can be searched by council and type of public place

Data Set

National Recovery and Resilience Agency disaster-related datasets

Description of Use Allows prioritisation of council areas or communities which have been significantly impacted by disaster.

Data Set

NSW Office of Local Government Time Series datasets

Description of Use Allows the comparison of the performance of councils to form a quantitative ranking of areas by socioeconomic index rating, population and growth over a number of years.

Data Set

NSW Public Spaces Streets as Shared Spaces Engagement Report

Description of Use Allows the comparison of survey results of public places to rank types of public places by the level of engagement.

Data Set

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ACTIVATED Public Spaces

What makes a public space vibrant, walkable, and encourages people to dwell longer at different times of the day or night, and throughout the year?

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