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The challenge that we decided to pursue was the Emerging population trends and post-pandemic planning challenge.
Currently the frequency and availability of public transport is based on the expected population densities of suburbs and localities in NSW. However with the pandemic shifting workers further away from the city due to work from home arrangements, public transport must adapt to the changing demands. With a greater amount of people living in the outer suburbs of Sydney and NSW, we would expect the demand for public transport in those areas to increase accordingly.

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Our idea was to analyze the given datasets to try and figure out how the residents of NSW have moved around the state during or post-pandemic. One of the datasets that we analyzed was the NSW Rental bond datasets which provided us with the number of new rental bonds lodged every month from January 2018 to July 2021 per postcode. The next step in this project that we unfortunately couldn’t finish would be to plot this data on a map of Australia so that individual postcodes can be more easily visualized. We believe that this analysis can help plan how public transport needs will change in the future and help prepare the government for city planning.

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Emerging population trends and post-pandemic planning

What is the impact of COVID-19 on reshaping population growth and distribution across NSW?

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