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Akhil Karun , Dhanya

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NSW, Australia have a program where they 10c when people return bottles to nearby return points. Sometime everyone doesn't have the convenience but there are people who are happy to do this due to the incentive. This app helps a person to post an entry stating that he has empty container that can be returned. Any interested collector can collect it from his location and return the bottle for recycling.

#recycle #plastic

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Used to data to identify the plastic waste is increasing yearly

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National Average and Queensland waste details

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Data Set

NSW details of Waste

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Plastic waste report

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Hack for a Circular Economy

In order to build a more sustainable community, how might we redesign, rethink, repair and repurpose spaces, places, materials, and digital infrastructure, systems and policies within cities in order to progress social, natural and economic development?

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