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Eahtesham , Tareq
#traffic congestion #parking space #job seeker #public space

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ACTIVATED Public Spaces

What makes a public space vibrant, walkable, and encourages people to dwell longer at different times of the day or night, and throughout the year?

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Youth education and employment

How might we use publicly available data to identify education and employment opportunities for our youth?

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Emerging population trends and post-pandemic planning

What is the impact of COVID-19 on reshaping population growth and distribution across NSW?

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Transport - Transitioning to COVID-Normal

How do we better understand the transport options available to support people getting back to work and school as we transition to COVID-Normal, as well as learn more about impacts and opportunities for the broader transport system and associated services (logistics, freight, parking, infrastructure etc)?

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Getting parking right: matching car parking rates to accessibility

How can we make a difference by making ‘accessibility’ measurable?

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