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VAIT - Melbourne Team

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Tim , Jack Le , Daniel Nguyen , Khoi Tuan , Andrews Trinh , Tony Ta , Thien Trang , Sam Huynh , Tuan Tran

Project Description

Collecting data from Government Datasets and user submitted data to evaluate the safety rating of public spaces, while maintaining user privacy and anonimity.

#public space #safety #privacy #telemetry

Data Story

We used public government datasets such as Crime Statistics and Open Space data as a baseline to evaluate safety ratings.

We also collect anonymous user submission to further increase the awareness of the space, and also use the evaluation form from the NSW Open Space Toolkit so the people can submit their own rating as well.

The next step of this project is to integrate with an IoT Network to actively scan and update the safety ratings.

We also collect the end-user's email address (with their consent) to send out subscription updates.

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Team DataSets

NSW DPIE - Open Space Evaluation Tool

Data Set

VIC Crime Statistics

Data Set

VIC DataSet - Open Space

Data Set

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