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senthill , Karthick , Muthu , Keerthi , BharathKumar and 2 other members with unpublished profiles.

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Hello everyone
Welcome to project "Work Ready" from Team Scorpio.
This project is directly aimed at addressing Youth Employment and upskilling for the digital future of the post Covid world. We have harnessed data sets from various public domain and reliable sources including Australian Bureau of Statistics.
This once in a century pandemic Covid has created lots of challenges and exposed lots of weakness in terms of policies, guidelines within stakeholders across employers, employees and other organisations. There is a huge change in terms of statistics be it workforce movement, structural unemployment and most importantly job loss and change of roles in workforce.
Thanks to the open data sets offered by the Government agencies, GovHack team and sponsors. Team Scorpio has harnessed lots of raw data and explored demography of population, gender and labour force that is employed and not-employed by age categories. This thorough research analyses conducted has allowed us to see the problems of the community in the near and distant future.
Research data shows that there are lots of untapped potential with in Australian community that needs upskilling and re-training due to various factors including changes across location, skills and industries. For example, A flight attendant would be expected to complete her role as an administration staff in an office environment.
Australia is forging ahead in lots of areas of technology. Thanks to our universities, RTOs and other stakeholders including councils and over 2.3 million businesses. These stakeholders are impacted heavily during this pandemic in terms of budget cuts, capital expenditure and other expenses. Re-training and re-skilling the staff must be a concerted effort by all stakeholders. This project “Work Ready” is one step closer to solving this emerging problem.
In the post-pandemic world, from governments to private citizens on all levels will have a large task to address not only employment but mental health issues faced by the wider population.
This project is based on offering holistic and futuristic approach to solve the problems faced by youth and more precisely current and future workforce. A good foundation is relevant to any project. This project is based on the seven pillars from affordability to quality to open the gateway of opportunities.
This project taps the technology on all levels from front end user interface to the end user. The user interface is well thought through to create the user experience to the best level.
A thorough due diligence has been completed in the past few days and nights which will support our justification to complete this project (beta version) in 4.5 months.
Technology should not only make our lives simpler and easier but create equity among all stakeholders. This project is aimed to work with various organisations including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, under-skilled workforce, and front line workforce affected during CoVid19 pandemic.

Our team work has worked with lots of organisations not only in Victoria but Australia. We are confident that this project “Work Ready” will prepare Australia ready for her digital future.

#youthenablment #youthemployment #enableaustralia

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