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Matt , Aiden

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Creating new and innovative solutions, utilising existing technology and solutions to maximum effect. How we can augment current driver awareness programs, and QLD government road safety initiatives. We have used a proof of concept approach utilising a core dataset to demonstrate how this can be easily and effectively achieved, reaching a large volume of QLD motorists (and visitors to the state) on a regular basis.

#safety #drive #dangerzone #signage #routeplan #roads #driverawareness

Data Story

We will utilise the dataset to provide proof of concept for 4 avenues for motorists to access for awareness of risk factors for locations in QLD. We will be recommending some additional data processing and Information System back-end development to provide these services. We have provided mock-ups of the services we are recommending be developed and/or enhanced that directly access the dataset available. Project Documentation is available on the Google Drive link. Please view the PowerPoint first.

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Road crash locations

Description of Use The dataset is implemented in our solution as the primary data source. Used in such a way to determine areas and conditions of concern.

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Road Safety

What can we do to minimise the number of road crashes on Queensland roads?

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