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team texty

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Non invasive respectful re-resablishment of routine & checking in during a pandemic.

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Covid 19 has impacted all our lives, in particular those with disabilities could be more severally impacted compared to others.

A recent study [1] surveying 3 countries over a span of months invested these impacts across adults and children.

It found that a large factor of the negative impacts of Covid 19 resulted in a lack of routine, socialization and connection which in turn added to the cyclic nature of negativeness dued to covid. It also found that some autistic individuals, while they missed social interaction and want support, would prefer online support instead of say video calling (which can have its own set of anxiety associated with it).

Our solution

Our solution Texty is targeted at adults who prefer online support with a focus helping establishing routine, structure and keeping up social interaction during such a time in a non invasive, non destructive way.

Technology used

User collection: google form
Backend infra: python, flask, twilio API, heroku

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Autism in Australia publication

Description of Use Used to get background understanding and craft a solutiuon

Data Set

Journal of Molecular Autism study

Description of Use Used to understand problem domain and carft a solution address some problems.

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Health and wellbeing of autistic people during a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the mental health of people all around the world. Studies suggest that there is likely to be a much greater impact for people with autism spectrum disorder, as the pandemic directly affects social functioning and everyday routines.

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