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yulia , Christina , Wei , Kevin , Li Chai

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Heritage sustainable economy and technique tool. When travellers have TimeTraveller AR on their phones, they will learn about the rich history and heritage of all the places they visit. TimeTraveller AR will show a new way to discover the world. This project will be available to consumers for direct purchase, and commercial licences will also be available to tourist agencies in Tasmania. It builds on the Heritage Open Data and harnessing the power of AI and AR and it will be available in all major languages including Mandarin, English, Japanese, German, and Spanish.

#artificial intelligence #augmented reality #big data #human–computer interaction

Data Story

Heritage and public space data and information collection.

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Team DataSets

Understanding a Circular economy

Description of Use A sustainable community can display the historical memory of the space and promote the development of society, nature and economy under the condition of AR technology and AI technology.

Data Set

Draft NSW Public Spaces Charter

Description of Use heritage and public space search and collection

Data Set

Public Spaces Streets As Shared Spaces Engagement Report

Description of Use public spaces and heritage space collection

Data Set

Local Overlays - Heritage Areas 2015

Description of Use Heritage Building Image and compare.

Data Set

Library Heritage Information

Description of Use Information Matching

Data Set

Tasmanian Heritage Register

Description of Use Information Collection and Information Search.

Data Set

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for a Digital Twin

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ACTIVATED Public Spaces

What makes a public space vibrant, walkable, and encourages people to dwell longer at different times of the day or night, and throughout the year?

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Hack for a Circular Economy

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