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Taine , Jacob Read , Jasper M-W , Connor Hare and 1 other member with an unpublished profile.

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Times of interest


Toi (pronounced "toy") is a tool that lets you visualize the all the COVID-19 locations of interest and outlined by the New Zealand Ministry of Health, and allows you to filter by name and by time.


  • Filtering by date, so you can see if you were in an area of interest during any given period of time
  • Search for location by name
  • Push notification for when new locations are added
  • Insatiable PWA with offline support
  • Intuitive map interface


Welcome screen

When you first open the app, you will be brought to the welcome screen

Welcome screen

To view the application click on View the map

Note: This screen will be skipped if you have installed as a PWA

The map

The meat of and potatoes of the application happens here

Map Screen

This is the view of the map with all of the COVID-19 locations of interest.

Date filtering

You can filter the locations by using the slider at the bottom
Date filter

Drag the point change the date range, the filter range will be reflected in the header

Date filter results

Name filtering

Enter the name of the location to filter results in the Address/Location field

Date filter results

Push notification

Push notifications for new COVID-19 Locations of Interest can be enable or disabled by pressing the bell button.

Bell Icon

Enable or disable notifications with the button

Bell Icon

#covid-19 #locations-of-interest #nz #time #geo-data

Data Story

The dataset we used is from the ministry of health GitHub of all things, they have an auto updating geojson document, which made the initial part of the app fairly simple. It lists the locations of interest as features and includes some useful metadata with them. This dataset is partially good, because of how fast and often it updates.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

New Zealand COVID-19 Locations of Interest

Description of Use This GeoJSON data is used by our application to show which areas gained new locations of interest each day between the two dates the user specifies.

Data Set

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