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WA Homelessness

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Sree , Sophia , Adrian , Matt and 1 other member with an unpublished profile.

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This project aims to highlight the homelessness challenges being faced in Western Australia (WA), and identify some viable approaches to improving the situation. In addition, we are specifically focusing on Fremantle and how the situation with homelessness in that area may be addressed for maximum benefit.

Using open data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, our main objectives are to determine where these hotspots are, which demographics of people are most affected, and propose possible interventions to reduce the amount of homelessness folks in those areas.

Data Story

Data shows that certain parts of WA have a high percentage of homeless people in various demographics.

In addition, data has also yielded evidence that there are some contributing factors that have a direct relationship to the rate of homelessness, the individuals' circumstances, and in turn the a has impacts of homelessness on the different demographics that the data has identified.

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Team DataSets

1270.0.55.001 - Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS): Volume 1 - Main Structure and Greater Capital City Statistical Areas, July 2016

Description of Use Used to display map of homelessness data.

Data Set

Census of Population and Housing: Estimating Homelessness

Data Set

Specialist homelessness services annual report (2019-20) Data Tables

Data Set

Data tables: Specialist homelessness services 2011-12 (WA)

Data Set

Households and risk of homelessness post retirement

Data Set

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Most outstanding benefit to the residents of Fremantle

How can we use Open Data to most benefit residents of Fremantle?

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