Where's Water? Where's Wally?

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Jacqui , Yuan

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Water management. Waste water. Usage. Water costs and distribution. Storm water management. Catchment areas.
Just over 50% of Australians surveyed say that they know where their household drinking water comes from but only a minority know what catchment their household is part or recognise that the amount of water available for use is finite.
In order to get everyone in on thinking about innovative new ways to manage our water, raising awareness on our household and business water usage, ways to use less water and general knowledge on where our water comes from should be paid attention to.
We could use open data to display on billboards in our shopping areas how much water usage our local community is currently using.
Data that is visible and easy to understand by all will move action.
Once people know how much they use, they can then focus when and how to use water more effectively.
Billing can be changed to a peak/off peak model like electricity and new community developments can utilise catchments such as the innovation in Rotterdam.

Team DataSets

Monthly climate statistics for Australian locations

Description of Use Identifying monthly rainfall amounts

Data Set

Catchment Management Authority boundaries

Description of Use Competition between areas

Data Set

Melbourne water use by postcode

Description of Use Illustrating the difference of usage between LGAs

Data Set

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