Building Citizen’s Trust in this Digital World

Jurisdiction: South Australia

In order to access online services, citizens need to give their consent for their data to be used. How do you gain their trust that their data will be used appropriately?

There has always been concerns around data governance and citizens having no visibility of what data is being collected from them, in which way and how it is being used. The terms and conditions might list these details, but it is not always the case that the citizens read (due to the length of it) or understand (due to the way it is written) it. This ties back to the trust that citizens have that the data is being used for bettering the systems and products.

In your solution, we would like you to consider who should have control of the citizen’s data – is it the citizens themselves or the Government or someone else?

How do we make what is collected visible to the citizen?

What technologies would you use, for example, blockchain or other technology?

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• All finalists will have an opportunity to be interviewed for a job opportunity if interested.

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• Here is a dataset that you may want to look at - SA Government COVID SAfe Check-Ins dataset

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