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Project 1683

Is telling survey participants that their answers will remain anonymous really enough to elicit truthful responses from participants about sensitive issues? In this project, we implement protocols to give participants a provably anonymous way to respond truthfully to such questions without ...

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PII Access Notifications

We often are required to submit PII data to comply with regulations and to allow things like COVID Check-ins to be performed. Why can't we have our cake and eat it too? Provide our data but be confident that it isn't being abused?

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This project will try and build Citizen’s Trust in this Digital World using a blockchain approach to store key-value items with access control to show who is allowed access to what type of granular data. This project in its proof-of-concept stage and utilises Tasmanian Heritage data by coll...

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Twenty-First Century Identity, Privacy and Data Management

A Research Document exploring Self-Sovereign Identity Frameworks

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DigiKey 🔑

  # DigiKey DigiKey is a web app and API that provide a safe and secure way for Australians to share their data, as well as receive timely information that is relevant to their health, lifestyle and travel within Australia. DigiKey believes that for all Australians to feel safe and connect...

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iDriveSafe is a smartphone application concept that uses GPS to allow you to safely navigate through Queensland roads. It uses Queensland data sets of motor vehicle accidents and the cause, to generate hazardous locations across the state. The app is designed to safely alert drivers of the hazard...

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A candle burns in my house, though there is nobody home.

Unification and interoperability between systems. GovHack Note to Judges: Click on the Main Menu Button in the top left to swap between Figma pages.

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