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Australia unemployment rate is rising sharply because of COVID-19. More and more people are hired as casual staff, and some are looking for a permanent job. To facilitate both businesses and job seekers to find their ideal match, Seekareer is here to help! Compared to current job-seeking applicat...

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WaterCalc provides water mapping and tracking using satellite data to effectively manage water resources.

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Pet Runner

Pet Runner is an application which has been designed and developed to make your walking and running experience even better with your pet. With this application, you can easily find people who have pets around you and can accompany them with their pet so you and your pet both can have a quality ti...

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This project will try and build Citizen’s Trust in this Digital World using a blockchain approach to store key-value items with access control to show who is allowed access to what type of granular data. This project in its proof-of-concept stage and utilises Tasmanian Heritage data by coll...

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Everyday Tasmanian customers of public transport struggle to utilise the services available to them because of two key challenges: -Poor user experience because of unreliable schedules, resulting in frustration due to missing their trip. -Convoluted high friction ticket purchases and recha...

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Local Experts

# Local Expert https://bestasmania.tech/ https://github.com/fat-potato/Local-Expert The inspiration - The platform is created with a view to promote heritages in the areas using the existing data on locations, history, images and stories. - To make a product that is useful for the local co...

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