The Electric Vehicle Future

Jurisdiction: Australian Capital Territory

How do we help people go green?

Now that Canberra is powered by 100% renewable electricity, private transport remains a large source of carbon emissions for the territory. Zero emissions vehicles provide a solution to this problem, but how do we encourage and empower people to make the switch?

The ACT has adopted the target of net zero emissions by 2045, but to achieve this we must start to transition private transport to zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs) as soon as possible.

Is the current uptake of ZEVs fast enough, and what are the barriers to uptake of ZEVs? Does the ACT have the required infrastructure to decarbonise private transport, and if not what needs to be added? How will wide adoption electric vehicles affect the demands on the electricity grid?

Eligibility: Must use at least one ACT Government data set, either from the Open Data Portal ( or the Geospatial Catalogue (

Entry: Challenge entry is only available to teams in Australian Capital Territory.

Dataset Highlight

Vehicle registrations by motive power (including Zero Emissions Vehicles)

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