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Charging ahead: Houston, we have a solution!

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has always led the country in terms of social change. Canberra is powered by 100% renewable electricity, however private transport remains a large source of carbon emissions for the territory. Electric vehicles promise increased energy security by reducing f...

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Charger certainty

##Background    **_"A lot of us now seem to be turning up at the same charger at the same time"_**    *Dave, Canberra EV Driver* With a petrol or diesel car, if you arrive at a service station and all the bowsers are full, you know you will only have to wait...

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Digital Transport

The growth of a city is a balance of cause and effect of all the complex social, economic and environmental infrastructure. Since they cohabit in a fragile balance, the change in one affects all the other. In the middle of it all, transportation, both public and private, seem to play a vital role...

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