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Challenging Times

Making memories for challenging times

The world has changed in the last 18months, and it’s been hard! Our movements have been largely restricted to the areas that we live in, and the way that we interact with those areas has changed. Public space has become critical to individual and community health.
To properly utilize public space, we need people to feel safe to enter it and spend time within it. The concept of ‘safe’ has changed so people in public want to be sure of being covid safe. The problem that we are solving is how do we make the world outside our houses feel available, used, welcoming and safe when Covid19 has created an ever-present but invisible threat that disconnects our community?

Challenging Times is a social networking app which allows people to share their most treasured memories by attaching personal stories to places in their local area. The app allows people to record memories specific to a location (a memory capsure) and share it with others. For example, I might choose to record a memory capsure at the location where I was proposed to and my memory of that event. This not only brings this positive memory up for me, it also allows me to share it with others. A user may search for romantic locations in their area, to visit during daily exercise with a partner.

To interact with the public, challenges will be posted. For example what is your earliest memory in your local area or a memory that brings you joy. For example, “I came to this playground with my father when I was a child, he tried to go down the main slide but got stuck halfway down in the tube. My mum had to come with olive oil to help him get out. He got out OK- but refused to ever go on another slide.”

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The app provides human connections that turn spaces into places of meaningful community. Covid has not only restricted our movements it has reduced our human interaction and connection. The app provides a way to share memories from your current friends and the wider community. Memory capsules can be made individually or in groups. This provides a welcome for people to share the memory with you at the public space location you mark and for you to share their memories with them. In time it won’t be about me or you or them but about us.

By fostering networked intimacies through shared memory we will revive a sense of safe and vibrant public space. This is done by sharing a memory about a location, it makes the location less scary for newcomers. It can be thought of as similar to when you visit a friend in an area that you may be concerned walking into, but if your friend said “I do this every day don’t worry it’s ok, and let me show you this amazing tree that is my favorite tree I used to sit under it through uni to help me study” you’d think about it as less threatening and move welcoming and safe. The more people who use and share on the app the more people in a public space, and then the less threatened newcomers will feel to enter. By the app working if you are alone or in a pair on in a group it will suit levels of lockdown and ensure that we can stay connected but not overwhelm a space with numbers.

As time goes on (hopefully) we’ll be travelling again. This app can be used as you visit other areas in the state or country, you can interact with local and visitor memory capsules to have a different travel experience.
How does this app differ from what’s already on the market ?
Instead of providing a forum for reviews, this app will collect memories which will let users feel more interlinked with their communities. It’s about locations and memories rather than reviewing enterprises and the such. In a way it is taking the business model of instagram and such and changing it to less about the poster but the location and the memory.

Next steps:
* Seed funding.
* Building a MVP (minimal viable product) for Sydney.
* Utilising memories to build communities.
* Expand across Australia
* Expand Globally

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Public Spaces Streets as Shared Spaces Engagement Report

Description of Use Used to base the concept on - the report discusses the use of public space and safety in covid times

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