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What is the Covid Safe Data APP:
Covid Safe Data's goal is to inform people with simple data and give a platform for businesses to reach out into the community.

It uses geodata as well as community review data to help bring down the anxiety we all feel while under restrictions.

It is attempting to achieve two things:
Lower anxiety and bring confidence back to the community.
Give businesses big and small a way to reach out to the community and let them know that they are doing the right thing.



As a business user:
You can register, login and have your own portal.

This portal is where you can see your QR code, Helpful Business tips, Your reviews and code snippets to host on your own website.

As a user:
You can see what’s available and covid safe in your local area.

You can leave reviews on locations.

You can see reviews of places.

The data is shown to you in two ways:

Heatmaps of the area to keep note of and the info box which displays the last fortnights statistics in your vicinity .

The slider tool exceeds in making the data relevant to your vicinity.
250m, 500m, 1k, 5km, 10km

You can also scan QR codes to leave helpful reviews at locations.

It was very difficult to pick out of all the amazing challenges but we shortlisted these 5.

Living in a post pandemic world,
Road to recovery,
Better Public Spaces,
Our Financial future,
Create a solution to a customer need using the ABS Data API.

Our target Audience is local communities and Business.

We investigated these audiences and came up with some problems that we can help solve.
For local communities:
How safe is my area,
What is available to me.
How can I make my area more covid safe
How can I give back to my community.

For Businesses:
How can I get more customers?
How can I reach out to people that we are safe and complying with guidelines?

To solve these questions we used:
The CRISPER data set like

and ABS data that is relevant to the business. Like economic economic and job growth.


Here is the technology that we used and are intending to use.

For the front end we used a wordpress site.
Which enabled us to spin up the site quickly.

We used the Google maps API as a way to present that data that’s familiar to users.

And in the example we used google forms but we plan to move that to Mysql.

We used and intend to further develop our Confluent Kafka solution.
Currently we used batched processes to retrieve the Crisper data, but in the future we intend for this to be streamed and windowed by fortnight.

Currently we batch data from ABS but intend to use the AZURE platform to stream data to business users to keep them informed.

Thank you to the team at Gov hack, supporters and mentors for making this happen!

Data Story

Google Drive with Wireframes, Tech stack, User stores, Jamboards, Target Audience Scoping.

Git Repo

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

Economic activity increased 1.8% in March quarter

Description of Use We use this in the business portal to help notify businesses stay informed. We would cycle in different datasets and information .

Data Set


Description of Use We use this to display testing cases in the users area.

Data Set

CRISPER: covid_cases_postcode

Description of Use Display new cases and active cases in the display.

Data Set

Challenge Entries


How do we build confidence in the community to use public spaces to support economic, social, cultural and environmental recovery, whether in response to Covid-19, or other disasters such as recent bushfires and floods?

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Living in a post-pandemic world

How can we use real-time data to assist with the preparation and ongoing management of living with Covid-19 as we progress towards a post-pandemic Australia and New Zealand?

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Our financial future

How might we use publicly available data to safeguard citizens’ financial future?

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BETTER Public Spaces

How do we help ensure everyone feels welcome and safe in public spaces (day and night) regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or identity?

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Create a solution to a customer need using the ABS Data API

We are excited to provide innovators with machine to machine access to ABS Data and see what exciting customer solutions can be created. Here is a chance to draw in ABS Data and answer an important question through visualisation, mapping or even blending with other data sources. Create a solution to a customer need using data drawn from the ABS Data API.

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