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Matthias , Bryce , Quang

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GovConnect aims to bring a streamlined and user friendly experience to accessing government services. GovConnect is a centralised platform where state and federal services, such as medicare or transport and main roads, can upload forms to be filled in on GovConnect then sent to them so that the user does not have to go to an external platform.

Data Story

Data from the ABS was used to see what age group our government would need to cater for in the future. It was discovered that we have an aging population, hence we need to create applications that are easy to use for everyone. The "Do it on services" data set, from Queesland, was used to illustrate how the service may look. If a user from another state were to use GovConnect, state relevant services will be displayed instead.

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Population Projections, Australia

Data Set

Do it Online Services

Description of Use Used for the "Reimagining Digital Government Services"

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Reimagining Digital Government Services

How can we re-imagine digital government services in Australia to enable a seamless experience for people of all abilities.

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