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Aruna Lakmal , Alexis , Rohit and 1 other member with an unpublished profile.

Project Description

Facilitate the management and development of ASD in a social manner.

Three functions:
1) Scheduled supervised sessions
2) Unsupervised session
3) Independent learning sessions

#asd #autism #disability #strongertogether

Data Story

Health and wellbeing of autistic people during a pandemic:
connecting children and their parents through HOA and building a community.

Making Reaching Out Easier: Making friends during the pandemic doesn’t need to be difficult.

Meeting the needs of vulnerable community during a global pandemic: Ensuring children are staying productive whilst in lockdown and helping parents have an ease of mind when their children are doing schooling through lockdown.

Rethinking Education: Learning through games and making learning fun. This can encourage kids to be motivated to learn as they finish more tasks and improve their learning skills.

Evidence of Work


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Team DataSets

Facilitators in New Zealand

Description of Use Enable parents to find facilitators in a given area.

Data Set

ASD Student Performance Dataset

Description of Use The application will implement a cloud-based recommender system to suggest the activities that the parent could do with the student next. The recommender system will be developed based on the streaming data collected through app usage. The system will use Confluent for capturing streams of ASD student activity performance and will store the data into the data lake. The data will then be utilised to regularly train and refine the model. This will help in providing more accurate predictions in due course of time.

Data Set

Registered Health Service Providers

Description of Use Downloaded registered provider dataset needs to feed into a database and connect to Hoa application so that parents can find health service providers in a specific area in the country.

Data Set

Specialist support classes by school and support needs type

Description of Use Use this dataset to allow parents to search schools by specific disability category when families wants to move to a specific area where more disability support is provided.

Data Set

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Living in a post-pandemic world

How can we use real-time data to assist with the preparation and ongoing management of living with Covid-19 as we progress towards a post-pandemic Australia and New Zealand?

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Health and wellbeing of autistic people during a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the mental health of people all around the world. Studies suggest that there is likely to be a much greater impact for people with autism spectrum disorder, as the pandemic directly affects social functioning and everyday routines.

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Making Reaching Out Easier

Sometimes when you are down or not feeling 100% mentally, reaching out for help can be a bit daunting and overwhelming. Using open data, how you can make the Support Systems currently available to people more accessible, user friendly, understandable and easy to access.

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Most creative use of open data

This challenge is about being as creative as you possibly can be using any open data available under any of this year’s themes. Think outside the box and create!

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Digital Future – New Zealand

How can New Zealand lead its effort to build Digital Skills, Education and Employment?

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