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Hello Post-Pandemic World

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Lillian , David

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Hotspots Near Me

Do you feel it's hard to find the Covid info which is relevant to you? Do you want to customize what you want to know about Covid updates and get notified automatically?

Use our All-In-One customizable website: Hotspots Near Me!

During the two days, we did a brainstorm and interviewed some users to try to find their needs and pain points, and we developed a prototype of our project and with some code that is able to retrieve data from Covid related topics from Confluent cloud.

It has the following features :

  • Register and fill in your detail, then sign in automatically in the future (could also use a Google account to log in)

  • Customisable your user dashboard to subscribe & receive notification of specific suburbs such as the recent local cases of your suburb and the suburb where the people you care about lives

  • Visualize the data, e.g. pie chart, to show the statistics of recent hotspots around the user's location or the suburb that the user subscribed

  • Check the location you want to go to confirm whether it’s within 5km, also show how many hotspots are near the route. For exercise, use map API to generate a safe exercise route that has minimum active cases around

  • Check the recent cases in the specific train, flight, and bus route

  • Able to filter and sort to view the suburbs based on your customized setting, e.g. total tested cases

  • Use color to address the suburbs with different case numbers, e.g. red - serious, orange - attention/caution, yellow - manageable

  • Check the latest vaccine update, what's the closest opening vaccine spot near your address

  • Check the time of the recent cases in public spaces such as supermarkets etc, show the count down from 14 days after it was recorded, receive a reminder in two weeks

Apart from the prototype Homepage and the source code, here's the link to all of our designed screens:
Figma screens

#confluent #figma #nodejs #javascript

Data Story

We utilized the Australian National University CRISPER data within Confluent Cloud to let users customize the data they want to see on the website.

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Team DataSets

Australian National University CRISPER data within Confluent Cloud

Description of Use Query the following topics in the Confluent cloud: govhack-act_contact_tracing_locations govhack-casesbydateandpostcode govhack-casesbydateandstate govhack-covid19data_au_state govhack-covid_cases_lga govhack-covid_cases_postcode govhack-covid_cases_postcode_likely_source govhack-covid_contact_locations govhack-covid_tests_lga govhack-covid_tests_postcode govhack-covid_tests_postcode_synthetic govhack-deathsbydateandstate govhack-meta_data govhack-nsw_active_cases_postcode govhack-nsw_contact_tracing_flight govhack-nsw_contact_tracing_locations govhack-nsw_contact_tracing_transport govhack-nsw_contact_tracing_venues_of_concern govhack-nsw_postcode_cases govhack-nsw_tests_postcode_lga_lhd govhack-nt_contact_tracing_locations govhack-phu2postcodes govhack-population_postcode govhack-postcode2suburb govhack-postcodeadjacencies govhack-postcodewithloc govhack-qld_contact_tracing_locations govhack-sa_contact_tracing_locations_current govhack-sa_contact_tracing_locations_historical govhack-tas_contact_tracing_locations govhack-testsbydateandpostcode govhack-testsbydateandstate govhack-vic_active_cases_lga govhack-vic_active_cases_postcode govhack-vic_all_cases_acquired_source govhack-vic_all_cases_age_group govhack-vic_all_cases_lga govhack-vic_all_cases_lga_acquired_source govhack-vic_contact_tracing_locations govhack-vic_tests_lga govhack-wa_cases_by_source govhack-wa_contact_tracing_flights govhack-wa_contact_tracing_locations govhack-wa_stats_by_date

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Living in a post-pandemic world

How can we use real-time data to assist with the preparation and ongoing management of living with Covid-19 as we progress towards a post-pandemic Australia and New Zealand?

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