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George , Brodie , Brianna , Levi

Project Description

Market space is an app that will allow you to see all the information about the the food that you buy. There is a consumer app and a farmer app, the farmer app will allow you to check if fences are down via a drone which has a set course for it to follow and if you have lost some livestock it will alert your phone and tell you where the fence is down so that you can fix it. whereas the consumer app will allow you to scan barcodes on the fruit and veggies in the shop so you know when they were picked as well as where they were grown.

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Data Story

the app Market Sure sources data from open maps so that people can look at where their food is sourced in comparison to their location. They can find out where their food comes from and if it is ethically sourced and they can make their own decisions on what they purchase, they will be able o support their decisions by analyzing the data given by farmers.

The users of this app will be able to make educated decisions based on the information that we give them.

the first data set that we have is based on livestock and Meat Australia, this includes data from abattoirs, major slaughter establishments and small country butchers. This can be helpful for people to see how their meat consumption has affected the state and international tolls for the month.

the second data set that we used is called Generalized agricultural land use of Western Australia (DPIRD-003) and this shows us what percentage of land is used for each type of livestock and crops this will be useful for if you want to know how many hectares of land are used for each group.

the third dataset that we have found is to do with unemployment rate during covid-19, The farming industry also took a big hit they lost a lot of seasonal workers because of restricted travel there were no tourists to do the work now that the biggest wave of covid is over we are starting to go back to normal (in some places)people are trying to find work and the farming industry is trying to find workers in our app the farmers will be able to put out notices that they need workers and people can go and help.

the last data set that I have is to find out how many dairy cows are in their region so that they can know if there is a depletion in dairy cow numbers over the course of the month or year.



Team DataSets

Dairy Effluent

Description of Use we will use this for the consumer app so that they can see the average amount of milk they have used that year.

Data Set

open street map

Description of Use we will be using this data for finding where each product was killed or picked

Data Set

Western Australia Regional Profiles

Description of Use during covid-19 the unemployment rates spiked the amount of small businesses that closed down during covid ment that there were allot less jobs for people to do, even though there were lots of seasonal jobs on farms to do there was no travelers coming from other countries so the farmers yields suffered and if people know that there are jobs to do it might help with unemployment.

Data Set

Generalised agricultural land use of Western Australia (DPIRD-003)

Description of Use This data set shows the generalized area in which certain products grow this will help our app because if people want to know where the food they are purchasing is coming from.

Data Set

Livestock and Meat, Australia

Description of Use Using meat production to inform consumers and primary producers of Australian meat producers including country butchers to support consumers finding Australian produced meat.

Data Set

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