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Project Description

The NGS (National Government Services) Application is a digital application that will be mandatory for all people as of an age around 15. This app will take care of all government services;

including (but not limited to):
- Passports
- Money Transactions (like a digital credit-card)
- Medical Records (like immunity certificates)
- Voting and Referendums (this creates a fairer democracy via. more referendums)
- Taxation
- News (including states of emergency)
- Information about the user such as education degrees and criminal records.

Since some of our older population prefer more physical methods of these services, the app will be rolled out to the "modern population" - eventually phasing out the old method.

Having all of these government services in one place makes them easier to use and keep track of. News will also be faster (resulting in faster lockdowns) and voting online (resulting in more referendums and easier access for rural people).

NOTE: While this may increase security risk for people, it also allows the government to join forces with other security teams, increasing overall security. It would still be very important to heavily invest in cybersecurity - breaches could be catastrophic.

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Data Story

If created, this app will need to get many pieces of information about a user in one place. While most of this information will be personal; some sections will need open data.

  • Passports:
    Every country/passport location will be needed. This list can be provided by

  • Money Transactions:
    All banks will need to be uploaded.

  • Medical Records:
    A list of all possible medical problems is definitely going to be needed in the app, also cures for emergency first aid...

  • Voting and Referendums:
    While there isn't much open data needed, a list of all candidates for the vote will be needed. Also needed, from , is a list of all electorates.

  • Taxation:
    To know what sorts of capabilities the app needs to cater for, average incomes and taxable incomes needs to be listed.

  • News:

  • Information: provides a list of every degree you can get in university. this will be used to compile a list of degrees for the application.

All of these will need information about population size and age: this will be used so the app can be tailored to certain sections; i.e. higher population density areas need higher capabilities for the app. The following data sets provide information for this:



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Team DataSets

Nations Online

Description of Use This will be used in the passport section. The passport section needs to have every possible passport location; provided by this source.

Data Set


Description of Use If the application will track what education people have, it needs to know every degree that can be taken. This website provides each degree.

Data Set

Regional Internal Migration Estimates

Description of Use In our project, usage must be catered for all people. This means certain electorates will need higher capabilities, depending on population. This shows the estimated population for each area...

Data Set

Population Projection, Australia

Description of Use This would be used in our application to see what age category and type to target the application towards. For example, it would be targeted to people around the age of 40 - not 30.

Data Set

State Electorates

Description of Use This data is used so a user can see who is representing their electorate, and upcoming candidates. They can see their aims and goals, to help make up their mind on who/what to vote for.

Data Set

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