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Gold Hackers

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Narayana Aditya Madineni , Siddhartha Ampolu , Rama Krishna and 1 other member with an unpublished profile.

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Digital transformation is not about technology it's more about how people live and work

With Digital transformations local companies are able to compete with the global players and it's time for QLD govt and major business to look towards local Small and mid scale enterprises for digital services .

So far QLD govt has been supporting SMEs with business information however this can be taken to the next level by providing innovative digital services that companies and communities can leverage to provide better services .

Help the communities with holistic business models .
Partnering of technology houses with schools to make resources future ready
Create reusable business services that companies and customers can consume

Simple use cases to uplift digital capability

Simple Wizards based website builder for any QLDer with minimal technical knowledge to set up their online business and sell.

A simple integratable intuitive low cost payment gateway for any business to go online in minutes and get paid .

Generic services like AI based insights that can analyse trends and help businesses identify the potential opportunities / customers across the world.

In the current world of deliveries for food and essential services having the right address / delivery location is key. Can the govt services have a common APIservice for all businesses to be able to use address and geo location based deliveries .

A digital tool for a home buyer to be able to see what can be constructed in a given land following all the local , state govt agencies rules and policies .

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