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Scions of the Seventh Dawn

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Palang and 2 other members with unpublished profiles.

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As we progress into the future, it is vital to our economy and future generation that we

understand the trend for emerging and future workforce skills. We want to explore how we might provide a guiding hand for the general public and future generation on their skill development and career pathway.

Our innovation idea is to create a web application called Skill Explorer which utilises several data sets and information from various sources. This application allowed users to interact and explore different career paths that aligned with their skill set which they might never have considered or know about. We would also provide a guideline step for a career that users have expressed their interest in, so that they can know what would be the optimal learning path and utilise their transferable skill allowing them to achieve their dream career.

We hope that this application will empower the future generation to have a clearer understanding of the occupation and industry and how they can pursue their passion and career.

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Data Story

We started from Skill Classification data to the mapping of occupation, competencies and specialist skill. We then incorporated job data from each region in Australia to provide an insight for users to develop an optimal career path.

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Team DataSets

National Skill Commision Skills Clusters

Description of Use Use to determine the relationship between different occupation

Data Set

Job Vacancies, Australia

Description of Use Data from ABS to help determine what job are in demand by industry. We hope to use this to calculate an insight for users for a occupation recommendation and forecasting the future

Data Set

Moreton Bay: Employment by Industry

Description of Use Use to determine the condition of the job market by industry for Moreton Bay region

Data Set

Australian Skills Classification

Description of Use Use to map out the correlation between core competencies, specialist tasks and skill clustering for various occupations

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Exploring the National Skills Commission’s Australian Skills Classification

How can the general public learn about and be encouraged to interact with the Australian Skills Classification to identify skills within occupations, identify their own skillsets and identify transferability to other occupations of interest?

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Jobs and Growth for Moreton Bay (QLD)

How can we create a prosperous future for our youth?

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Youth education and employment

How might we use publicly available data to identify education and employment opportunities for our youth?

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Emerging population trends and post-pandemic planning

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Reimagining Digital Government Services

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