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City Warriors

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Morten , Leona , Alec

Project Description

City warriors is a fun and engaging virtual application for all citizens. With this app, Citizens will be able to create quests and accept quests. When quests are completed, citizens will be able to gain currency to buy items and convert items into real-life rewards such as supermarket vouchers or rate rebates. This app encourages citizens to learn how to care for our environment, participate in community events, get updates from councils and get rewarded for their activities. The data created from this app will be able to help city councils produce valuable insights and make effective decisions that will benefit our city.

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Data Story

Our team used the below datasets to identify the key issues (dog poops on the street, litter around the neighbourhood, graffiti on the wall, etc) the Christchurch City Council faces. Through the dataset of SmartView, we identified where the residents were dissatisfied with the services the council provides. Those data gave us an insight into how our team can help to address those problems with a win-win solution. The council can monitor the data through the app dashboard analytic feature and the citizen who completed these tasks by accepting the quests can earn points and redeem the reward later on.
Christchurch resident survey satisfaction responses
Christchurch Smart View Web App

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Team DataSets

Christchurch SmartView

Description of Use The data is used to gather understanding of hotspots, prevalent issues, and additional citizen tasks that could be incorporated into the solution.

Data Set

Christchurch Resident Survey

Description of Use The data was used for research around ticket topics that are most annoying to people and take up council resources. Additionally, it helped in building use cases for the solution and was used to prioritise requirements

Data Set

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Engaging with SmartView-Go: Encouraging interaction between citizens and their city

The city council wants to encourage higher interaction between citizens of how people feel about the city, share education on their constraints on resources, and provide a platform to reward citizen action.

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