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Tracktor - Australia wide barcoding system and immutable ledger


The proposal aims to increase combat global competition through consumer interest and awareness of produce and products.


Increased competition against global competitors
Increased consumer awareness and access to information
Real-time / Near real-time product safety warnings / notifications
Consumer sentiment statistics
Industry statistics


Underlying core system

An Australia wide immutable ledger of produce movement transactions.

Each x quantity of produce has a batch number. Batch numbers can not be changed.

They can be;
- Created
- Destroyed
- Merged into new batches
- Split into new batches

Batches can be tracked along the supply chain via QR codes and batch numbers.

Aside from a batch number the batch could also have other data associated with it such as expiration times, quantities and notes, other internal tracking data specific to the businesses.

The core system would provide API endpoints for adding, modifying and retrieving data about the following entities.

  • Primary producers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers / Food Retailers
  • Batches
  • Manufacturers
Consumer Facing Application

The consumer facing application allows any consumer to scan a product where the QR code or batch number is provided and it will endeavour to show them a complete movement history of that food item back to it’s points of origin.

  • This might be a single piece of produce, or a product derived from multiple sources
  • The consumer would also have the opportunity to see an overview of the entities within the supply chain with information such as
  • Ownership / Origin of ownership of the entity
  • Size and locality of the entity
  • Other produce supplied by the entity
  • Any other worthwhile information to the end user
Supply Chain Application

The supply chain can interface with the system in multiple ways;

  • Via the API integrated with their own software
  • Via a central Mobile Application
  • Via a web browser

The supply chain application provides ways to perform the following actions;

  • Batch Actions
  • Update account details
  • Submit batch issue tickets
Worthwhile thoughts
  • The system would require substantial industry body or legislative push
  • Complex cases and best practices would need to be thought out
  • How to maintain data reliability
  • Finding ways to minimize the amount of input businesses need to provide while still ensuring reliability

#produce tracking #barcoding system #digital infrastructure #consumer information


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