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Biruck Yirsaw , Walter V , Raymond , Sisay Dinku , Jason A Banico

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Data on water quality can be collected Victoria Water Measurement Information from Victoria. The parameters in the data set include pH, turbidity, minerals. The project uses the model tool for water quality index (WQI) that uses aggregation method converting the water quality data into a single value called index. This aggregated value has been a practice to evaluate surface and ground water quality where in this project we rely on the Victorian water quality criteria.

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Data Story

The surface water and groundwater data contained in Water Monitoring Information System is collected through partnerships with 41 organisations. Real time data on the surface water (water level, flow and water quality) and groundwater (water level and water quality) which is less than one hour old, can be accessed and downloaded from Water Monitoring Information System.
Data and information on community water monitoring is available: www.vic.waterwatch.org.au

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Water Measurement Information System

Description of Use The location of stations is essential for presenting the indices at the right coordinates in a map.

Data Set

WaterWatch Victoria

Description of Use Water Quality data is the main input for calculating the indices displayed in our portal.

Data Set

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