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Oden , Josh and 2 other members with unpublished profiles.

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A project that helps bring the community, out of the community.

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Where2 has used weather data from the Moreton Bay Regional council datasets to develop a product that fuels youth and economic growth. Our use of the data is aimed at increasing business traffic in times when people would normally stay home, and at providing a way for youth to get out amongst the community. Based on information such as wind speeds, rain traces, and cloud levels, collected from the Redcliff weather station, we have developed an algorithm that produces an itinerary that will get everyone out and about, rain, hail, or shine. The data has been processed using python, and then explored to find the most beneficial attributes for our users. This will help businesses keep consistent revenues in times when it would be quiet, giving them increased leverage for growth.

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Redcliffe weather station data from Bureau of Meteorology

Description of Use We have imported the real-time Redcliffe weather data and utilised the cloud, rain and wind speed to suggest appropriate activities and businesses.

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