Twenty-First Century Identity, Privacy and Data Management

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Secure Identity

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A Research Document exploring Self-Sovereign Identity Frameworks

#privacy #identity #self-sovereign #blockchain #ledger

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This project uses the metadata of datasets as examples of credentials that could be transferred and verified on the self-sovereign identity blockchain.

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Team DataSets

Australian Skills Classification

Description of Use Used as an example of verifiable skill-sets that could be integrated into blockchain credentials and then automatically transferred to employers

Data Set

COVID SAfe Check-Ins

Description of Use Used for total number of check-ins and deletion of check-in data

Data Set

All Victorian SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) current exposure sites

Description of Use Utilised Metadata. The metadata was used as a guide to generate organisation/hospital verification requests - has a user been within a certain area at a certain time.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Reimagining Digital Government Services

How can we re-imagine digital government services in Australia to enable a seamless experience for people of all abilities.

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Building Citizen’s Trust in this Digital World

In order to access online services, citizens need to give their consent for their data to be used. How do you gain their trust that their data will be used appropriately?

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Exploring the National Skills Commission’s Australian Skills Classification

How can the general public learn about and be encouraged to interact with the Australian Skills Classification to identify skills within occupations, identify their own skillsets and identify transferability to other occupations of interest?

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Safeguarding citizens privacy and ownership of their personal data

How might we build telemetry and data insights without compromising citizen privacy?

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