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Big Sunday

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Gen , Ivan , Aaron

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DigiKey is a web app and API that provide a safe and secure way for Australians to share their data, as well as receive timely information that is relevant to their health, lifestyle and travel within Australia.

DigiKey believes that for all Australians to feel safe and connected, government data regarding their health and wellbeing should be standardized and accessible while placing full control of their personal information in the hands of the everyday Australian.

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Problems we identified

  • Government data and communication across state governments is fragmented, which can cause great stress for Australians, especially neurodiverse people, or those with mental disabilities. This effect has been compounded by COVID-19.
  • Frequently changing advice is hard on those who rely on routine. This has real health impacts.
  • Data sharing and handling is crucial in the effort to contact trace and provide good health outcomes for Australians, but there is a lack of transparency surrounding what data is needed, and why.
  • COVID-19 has made way for many identity theft issues and online scams, which vulnerable people are especially at risk of falling prey to.
  • Some people might not like to share all of their personal information, but only data that is relevant to the situation.
  • Some Governments have stopped releasing contact tracing locations, such as NSW. This is frustrating for residents, who want access to this data as it's relevant to their health and wellbeing. How might we tailor alerts and communications to only deliver it to those who need it?

Girl using DigiKey

How Digikey solves these problems

The solution is delivered in two parts: The DigiKey web app and the DigiKey API, which powers it.

DigiKey web app

  • Data dashboard to manage your personal data (add, update, delete).
  • Encrypted ID Wallet. Users can select which personally identifying information they wish to share when checking in or signing in. The sign-in process is encrypted and signed with public keys so that only the authorised parties can access that information with the relevant private key.
  • Easy and simple COVID-19 restrictions overview. The Digikey web app connects to the DigiKey API restrictions endpoint so users can view COVID-19 restrictions in any state, at the touch of a button.
  • Check-in capability with QR scanner.
  • View historic data sharing information through the Check-in History page. This provides users with an overview of who their data has been shared with, and what data has been shared.

DigiKey device demo

DigiKey dashboard demo

DigiKey check-in demo
DigiKey restrictions demo

DigiKey API

The purpose of the DigiKey API is to provide a platform for all Governments to make available current restrictions, notices and important information to all Australians in an accessible and standardised format.
Key features include:
* Active and historical COVID-19 contact tracing sites
* Vaccination information, including availability and booking locations
* Real-time restrictions, allowing all Australians to stay COVID-Safe
* Delivered in an open and scalable solution
The API will provide benefits to a number of industries such as Travel, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Aged Care and Education.

Example API Endpoints

DigiKey API structure

DigiKey Card

Some people simply don't have access to the internet. DigiKey also proposes a physical card for people who don't have phones or computers available. Australians could visit their local Australia Post, get their ID certified and fill out the form to select which data keys are shared by default.

The DigiKey card could then be used to physically check-in to businesses and organisations.

DigiKey Card

Government Benefits

COVID-19 and our swift change to a more 'digital' economy has turned the spotlight on how we can better provide information to residents across Australia. The DigiKey site and API will result in increased awareness, improved health outcomes and provide benefits to a number of industries such as Travel, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Aged Care and Education.

Additionally, relevant and timely information will reduce fear and anxiety. No more checking lengthy contact tracing lists every morning! 🙂

As state borders open up, DigiKey will help Australians keep track of what restrictions are across different the states, and measures they can take to protect their health and wellbeing. DigiKey aims to achieve increased digital and information security, and better health outcomes for all Australians. Solutions like the DigiKey site are our path to freedom as we begin chart a course to the COVID-normal era.

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Tech used

HTML, CSS, Material-UI, React, Express, Node.js

Additional features and stretch goals

  • Provide education resources around preventing identity theft and avoiding online scams
  • GPS functionality to allow users to locate their nearest vaccination centre or COVID testing facility in real-time
  • Integration with Government COVID testing database to allow users to see their test history and results


That's all, folks!

Stay safe and stay healthy. See you next year ✨

Team members | Big Sunday

👨‍💻 Aaron Charlton | Tech Team Lead & Project Manager

👨‍🎨 Ivan von Christ | Illustrator & Video Designer

👩‍💻 Genevieve Carter | Web Developer

Team members

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Data Story

Our team data story begins like any other Govhack story, with a challenge. A challenge to find relevant and useful datasets that can be consumed to produce innovative solutions. We have all been feeling the stress of COVID-19 throughout our daily lives. With so much information from different sources to read that attempt to explain current restrictions, current active tracing sites as well as where we can or can not travel. The goal of DigiKey is to demonstrate that is it possible to consolidate and standardise the ocean of data provided to us into a single stream of useful information (via the DigiKey API). We used a number of government datasets relating to COVID-19 to produce a single point of contact and platform for Australian's to feel safe and informed on our path to COVID-normal.

Evidence of Work



Project Image

Team DataSets

Townsville City Council COVID-19 Social Impact Assessment Survey

Description of Use This data set was used to show the importance of reducing stress in the community regarding COVID-19 outbreak, testing and vaccination information. It shows a constantly high-stress rating (5.5) and a sense of concern for the impact of COVID on the economy. Using this data, we were able to formulate a solution to ensuring everyday Australians have easy access to the great work state and federal governments are doing to keep us safe in one easy location.

Data Set

QLD.gov.au Contact Tracing Sites

Description of Use The QLD Government contact tracing list is a great example of how non-consumable data, manually updated on a static website can be parsed and formatting into a standardised API output. A copy of this page was taken, transformed into a JSON Object and provided to the DigiKey API service. This allows for other business and personal entities to search through active contact tracing locations. This in-house API was also used by the DigiKey Application to provide an example of how anyone can easily consume and take action from this API.

Data Set

QLD Government Fever and Respiratory Clinic Details

Description of Use The following data set is used by the QLD Government to allow residents to find their local testing clinic on the QLD Government website. This siloed information was standardised and consumed into the DigiKey API Service allowing other parties to consume this open data in real-time

Data Set

Queensland wastewater surveillance for SARS-CoV-2

Description of Use The Waste Waste surveillance data set was integrated into the DigiKey API service to showcase that the service can provide value in a Business to Business sense. Researchers and Analysts would be able to consume different datasets from around the nation to provide a national overview.

Data Set

Vaccination centres for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

Description of Use DigiKey API provides a standardised open-data format for Australians to access important information for their health and safety. The Vaccination Centres dataset from Data.Vic is another example of how individual State Government data can be standardised and consolidated. Treating this as a live dataset, Australians are able to stay safe and have access to important health services.

Data Set

All Victorian SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) current exposure sites

Description of Use The Victorian Sars-CoV-2 exposure site data was used to initially hydrate the DigiKey Services API. It is the first step into consolidating and standardising state government data into a nationwide usable format. It also allows for the DigiKey Contract tracing application to reference check-in points to be alerted to the user. This information needed to be parsed and reformatted before being provided in the DigiKey API.

Data Set

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